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The Kokopelli, Man, Myth and Legend

Kokopelli was one of the first American Indian travelling merchants, he was said to be a handsome, good natured man, in great physical shape, which may be attributed to his endurance, travelling hundreds, possibly thousands of miles on foot.
The Kokopelli has become a well known and commonly used symbol and representation of the American Southwest. Today, wearing Kokopelli jewelry is a great way to share the Kokopelli legend.

Legend has it that over a thousand years ago an Indian traveler moved throughout the Southwest and Central America, trading goods with all the different inhabitants. This Indian traveler was known as Kokopelli, he travelled with his goods thrown across his back and when he approached a village he would pull out his flute to announce his arrival and played a variety of songs he had learned. The children of the villages would rush to greet their well liked visitor, most of the children loved to hear him playing his music. Kokopelli was a good natured man, he loved to make the children laugh and he sang and played his flute to entertain the entire village. He would stay a while in each village, trade the goods he had received from previous villages and then travel on to the next village.

Over the years, many villagers noticed that soon after Kokopelli had left their village, many of the village women had become pregnant. The Kokopelli legend had begun, as Kokopelli travelled all around the American Southwest and Central America, he had become quite well known. Not only was Kokopelli liked for his music, fun spirit and good nature, he was also liked for the high occurrence of village pregnancies when he was near a local village. Now it isn’t known if the pregnancies were caused by Kokopelli or just a coincidence, Kokopelli had become both revered and reviled in some villages, as many women wanting children enjoyed the visits of Kokopelli in hope of getting pregnant. While some young girls feared Kokopelli because of the superstition surrounding his visits to the village and the many pregnancies, the young Indian girls went so far as to say he carried babies in his back pack and that is why he is portrayed as being a humpback figure.

For many, the logical reason for Kokopelli's humpback image is due to him carrying large amounts of trade goods on his back. Over the centuries, Kokopelli has become the symbol of fun, frolic and fertility. His likeness has been etched into cave dwelling and now in modern times his likeness can be found crafted into jewelry and American Indian art with items including paintings, statues and yard art.

So for those who enjoy fun, laughter and music you may enjoy the Kokopelli, men have been known to wear Kokopelli jewelry to show their virility and for women who wish to become pregnant or have a healthy pregnancy, many of them keep a likeness of Kokopelli somewhere close by, in a jewelry pendant or piece of art.
The Kokopelli has become a well known and commonly used symbol and representation of the American Southwest. Today, wearing Kokopelli jewelry is a great way to share the Kokopelli legend.

Author, Tarl Michael
written 2-2-12
posted 7-6-12
updated 7-15-13

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